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High corruption hurts FORMAL businesses with high financial constraint the most.


Low corruption favours INFORMAL businesses with high financial constraint more than formal businesses with high financial constraint.

In many developing countries, poor and vulnerable people who are already struggling with the health impact of coronavirus pandemic are being targeted by online fraudsters who seek to take unfair advantage of them. We discus some steps to take to protect oneself from COVID-19-related and other financial scams in this period.

Did you know that majority (about 70-80%) of farmers in many rural African countries mainly farm for 'own use' rather than 'for sale' – therefore can be practically unemployed. 


A study recently conducted by experts at the World Bank found this.

The Temin Effect refers to breakthroughs made by those who have many interests and hobbies outside their field of specialty. Inspiration for breakthroughs can come from interests outside your area of focus / specialisation. So, don’t despite your creative interests as a drag to productivity.

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Enroute Prosperity

Joseph Ishaku

This column provides insights to guide your journey to prosperity - whether as an individual, business or government entity.  I define prosperity not as a destination, but as those wins/signals towards achieving a goal that keep us going and make difficult journeys seem worthwhile. In each article here, I draw insightful lessons from the journeys of those who have dared to experiment.


If you’ve resolved to do something difficult but worthwhile, I hope you can pick up evidence-based insights that are relevant for your journey here.

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