5 steps to create a valuable business brand

1. If you have been in business for a while, ask: What do people think of when they hear my business name – to find the true answer, ask people who do not know you but have heard about the business. No families or friends – they love us too much to know the truth.

2. If you are just starting out or want to change the existing perception about your business, ask: What do I want to promise my customers/clients that they will experience every time they use my product or service? Remember you can’t be everything to everyone, so choose your desired type of customers and focus on the image you want to create in their minds. E.g. the inexpensive designer, the luxury car wash, or the clean and fresh food restaurant?

3. Create a tagline or slogan that captures the impression you want to make, and use it repeatedly. When you hear ‘Just Do It’ you likely think of Nike. By using the same tagline repeatedly, you create the desired image in people’s minds.

4. Build your online presence too: As important as your offline work is, your online presence (website, social media, news etc.) is too. In this modern age, news travels fast, and many people often want to check out your online presence to get a sense of what you are all about before contacting you. Make sure yours gives them all the ginger they need!

5. Remember, Repetition is King: You have to constantly reinforce your desired message in people’s mind – whether through your business slogan, office environment, advertisement and promotion, product/service, or packaging and delivery etc. Keep it on point!


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