5 Tech Companies Improving Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria

For a country highly lacking in the areas of availability of healthcare facilities and supply of health workers, quality drugs and healthcare service, it is clear that there is need for technological interventions to improve healthcare delivery. Thankfully, a number of private start-up organizations are leveraging on digital technology to improve access to quality healthcare delivery in the country.

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Here are some startup organizations supporting better healthcare delivery in Nigeria using digital technology:

  • Life Bank:

LifeBank, headquartered in Lagos – Nigeria, is a blood donation and delivery platform with mobile app support to enable donors within the shores of Africa donate blood. The app helps hospitals easily source patients-compatible blood groups delivered timely and in the right condition. Lifebank is a helping resolve the blood shortage problems in the country.

  • Helium Health:

Helium Health, formerly known as One Medical, is a user-friendly digital infrastructure that provides cutting-edge solutions ranging from healthcare delivery, electronic medical records, telemedicine, and financial management services. Helium Health was founded in 2016, and has since played a major role in strengthening the eHealth sector.

  • Reliance HMO:

Reliance HMO is a health insurance company that uses software and telemedicine to make health insurance affordable and easier to access. With over 200+ registered doctors, the platform enables users to make consultations from anywhere in the world on, a pay-per-question basis. Users can also filter search for specialist doctors based on locality and book appointment. This infrastructure helps patients to by-pass the long queues and hassles of conventional hospitals and in accessing health insurance. It also provides registered doctors with a means to earn passive income.

  • Medsaf:

Medsaf is a one-stop-shop focused on ensuring that hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies have access to authentic medications. This is done by playing the role of an intermediary; that is, verifying producers and manufacturers before listing their medications, and also verifying health facilities before allowing them to make any purchase. Medsaf also provides information about various health issues and drugs.

  • Redbank:

Redbank, a startup that connects hospitals and patients to blood banks on its database closest to their location, and in the shortest possible time. Redbank has immensely contributed to saving the lives of many people during emergency situations such as accidents, surgeries, or childbirth complications.

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Article Credit: Michael Adesanya

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