Africa's booming technology hubs: Where and Why?

Do you know Africa currently has 618 active technology innovation hubs (aka ‘tech hubs’)? Most of these tech hubs are in Nigeria (Lagos), South Africa (Cape Town & Johannesburg), Egypt (Cairo) and Kenya (Nairobi). They have become the most attractive tech centers in the continent.

African tech hubs are growing fast: between this year and last year, the number of tech hubs increased by 40%. These hubs did not exist decades back: A country like Somalia only had its first tech hub in 2017.

Why are tech hubs booming in Africa? Because many talented and young Africans (especially those trained abroad) are now interested in starting up technology-driven companies. Also because many investors are now more willing to back them up.

Perhaps Africa would soon have its own version of ‘Silicon Valley’.

What city and country do you think the next African 'Silicon Valley' would be?


Still craving? You can read more about this topic on: GSMA and Forbes.

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