Are you Emotionally Intelligent? Research says it's really important

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

In today's world, very few people understand that emotional intelligence (EI) is just as important as technical expertise (IQ). However, many researchers have found that EI triumphs IQ, and has a huge impact on job performance and future success.

It goes without saying that EI; that is, the ability to identify and manage one's emotions and that of others, while understanding the appropriate response in any given situation, is essential in business.

A study shows that employees with high EI perform better than their counterparts in the workplace. But, you find that EI is often underappreciated in many spheres; including business. It is not surprising that technical skills and behavioral competencies are the key criteria employers look for in hiring, forgetting about EI.

However, Daniel Goleman, an Emotional Intelligence expert noted that EI is twice as important as IQ, and in fact, contributes to 67% of greater job performance, leadership skills, and mental health. And in the end, people with high EI become more successful.

Wondering whether you can consider yourself to be emotionally intelligent? Here are 5 key components of EI to keep an eye for:

1. Self-awareness: how well can you accurately recognise your emotions, strengths, limitations, actions and understand how these affect others around you?

2. Self-regulation: Can you wisely manage your emotions and impulses, or restrain certain emotions depending on what is necessary and beneficial for the situation?

3. Motivation: Are you self-motivated; i.e. enjoying the work you do and working towards your goals beyond the money and status?

4. Empathy: Are you able to identify and understand others' emotions i.e. imagining yourself in someone else's position?

5. Social skills: Are you great at managing relationships at your workplace and building contacts/networks?

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