Nigeria vs Ghana: Whose government, businesses and people are better off?

Let’s take the Ghana-Naija jollof rice wars to governance, economy and people! Who is winning? It’s nearly a tie –but Ghana seems to be better at so many things that matter for business and life. For instance: government integrity, jobs/employment, rights over one’s property, lower taxes on imported/exported goods, lower prices of goods, ease of doing business etc. This is based on the latest Economic Freedom Index.

But the few things Nigeria is good at, it seems to do them much better than Ghana --like making money and giving birth to children. For instance, Nigeria’s financial health, wealth and population, standard of living, investment from people in other countries, and the country's debt compared to how much it makes etc.

Despite Nigeria’s poorer indicators on several levels, many investors still prefer to invest in Nigerian businesses. Money indeed talks!

So maybe, Ghana jollof tastes better, but maybe Naija jollof is cooked in larger quantity and with more garnishing?


Still craving? You can check out the Index of Economic Freedom

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