Why boredom is good, and how to be bored the right way!

Do you know boredom can spark your creativity?

We live in a busy world, where there is always something do. If we are not working, we are watching TV, playing music, or socializing on our phones. But research shows that taking time off life routine, including screen time, can be good for you. Basically, boredom happens when your mind is looking for stimulation but can’t find it. And whenever your mind cannot find a stimulation, it creates one. So, if you are waiting for brilliance to strike, try being bored first!

Here’s how to tap into your ‘authentic’ boredom:

1. Pick an activity that requires little or no concentration — like walking a familiar road or just sitting with your eyes closed

2. Then simply let your mind wander, without music or any stimulation to guide it — not even your phone to scroll the boredom away.

3. Repeat as often as you can, until brilliance strikes.

Sounds too easy? But it works. I personally can relate to that because I have had some of my best ideas while bored, including creating this platform Reachiiing (note: with 3 ‘i’s).

Photo credit: Wall Street Journal


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