Why you should create a brand for your small business

Every business is a brand, no matter how small. If you don’t deliberately create one, people will create different ones for you that can affect your business growth.

What comes to mind when you think of McDonalds, Mercedes Benz or Apple? They have spent lots of money getting you to think a certain way when you hear their names –whether low prices and quantity, or luxury and clean design. That is the brand!

Let’s bring it home: Churches seem to be doing a better job at branding than businesses in Nigeria. What do you think of when you hear COZA (wealth?), Dunamis (miracles?), or Family Worship Centre (love/family?) -they have created their brands.

Branding is more than just advert. It is a desired image you want to create in the minds of people about your product --differentiating you from others in your category. Importantly, it is the promise you are making to your customers or clients that they will experience every time they use your product or service.

Your brand, or the desired image you want to create in people's mind, have to reflect in your business logo, slogan, office environment, content (the product or service), packaging & delivery, website & social media, customer service, and events/outreach/promotion.

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