1. Conduct Research 

Do you have some burning questions you need answers to?

Do you need simple or complex research to be carried out for you as an individual or organization? 


Reachiiing can conduct primary or secondary research on any issue of interest within our thematic areas. We have a pool of external researchers to conduct high-quality research and help you find answers.


2. Communicate Data & Research

Have you conducted research and wish to share it to a wider group of audience?

Reachiiing can help you communicate your research findings ​in a style accessible to a broader group of audience.

We offer training and consultancy services to help researchers (individuals, groups or organizations) effectively communicate their research findings to a wider range of audiences (beyond academia and practitioners). 

We create insightful and interesting content that engages readers across Africa and globally on issues related to government + economy, technology + innovation, business + investment, and life. We relay messages in various forms including short articles, data visualization, graphics, videos, social media, and special projects with interactive tools to establish your findings for thought leadership.


3. Provide Knowledge

Are you seeking practical knowledge on issues surrounding business, technology, economy, and life advancements?



Reachiiing provides useful information and insights on issues related to government, business, technology, and life in general. Our insights are created with young Africans in mind.

You know the best part? Our insights on these issues are provided in a manner that is interesting, straight-forward, less-technical and interactive.

We transfer knowledge via our easy-to-read articles; captivating graphics and videos; webinar series; and data visualization (telling stories with data).

Visit the website and social media handles regularly for updates.


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